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Thomas runs into a real ghost while waiting for commuters to sit and chat. Luckily, he knows just who to call! Watch as the Franklin Street subway station, steps from the Ghostbusters firehouse, gets help from a real-life ghostbuster! Then Thomas mixes the cards to get a commuter to share some deeply personal thoughts, it’ll even get you to reflect on your own life. Finally, if you’ve ever been lost in the subway and trying to find the right exit to the street, then you’ll want to see what one commuter has designed. She’s cracked the code to show the world how to navigate New York’s famous subway.  

S1 E2 "Who You Gonna Call?" 
DWYW Ep 02 - 2021 - Mixed Stereo - H.264 - With Breaks - Credits
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Thomas gets persuaded to go above ground when the owner of the world-famous McSorley’s Old Ale House exits the turnstiles and convinces him he’s got great stories to tell! Gregory, the owner of a true New York institution and the oldest Irish bar in America, shares unbelievable tales from behind the bar! 

S1 E3 "Pour it On " 
DWYW Ep 03 - 2021 - Mixed Stereo - H.264 - With Breaks - Credits
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