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Nicoleta Papavasilakis, Director of Press, Publicity & Marketing

David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc.




New York, N.Y. - An Emmy® Award winning new series and a love letter to New York City shot during the pandemic now available worldwide.  


In June 2015, Thomas C. Knox brought his social experiment “Date While You Wait” to New York City’s fast-paced subway system. With a modest set up of a table and two chairs, Knox would invite strangers to sit down and chat or play a game. He wanted to transform people’s monotonous, daily commutes into uplifting experiences. Knox spent the next five years in various subway stations, making people’s days and changing lives through “Date While You Wait.”


The objective of “Date While You Wait” is not romantic. Instead, Knox’s mission is to create human connections through simple conversation. "I am not looking for love through this venue; I just wanted a simple way for people to connect away from their phones, computers, and social media. People need this now more than ever,” Knox says. 


People quickly fell in love with Knox's positive message. Within a few months, “Date While You Wait” caught the attention of major news outlets who wanted to share Knox’s story. Notably, “Date While You Wait” was covered by the New York Times, BBC, CBS, NBC, NPR, China Global Television, Huffington Post, Timeout Magazine, The Philadelphia Enquirer, and more!


Now, “Date While You Wait“ moves from the subway to the TV screen. This powerful social project has been made into a 13-episode series, produced by the Emmy award-winning production company David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc. 


The series could not have come at a better time. With the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing precautions, positive human interaction is needed now more than ever. In fact, “BuzzFeed” listed “Date While You Wait” as one of the “33 Incredibly New York Things That Have Happened During the Pandemic That Show How New Yorkers Feel About the Coronavirus.”


“Date While You Wait” has expanded well beyond Knox’s original concept. Along with strangers, he chats with remarkable individuals, such as the world-famous Coney Island Sideshow director. Additionally, Knox ventures outside of the subway and visits the owners of legendary NYC landmarks, including McSorley’s Old Ale House, Ferrara Bakery & Café, New York Comedy Club, and more! “Date While You Wait” captures the essence of NYC and all of the people who make it one of a kind. 


“Date While You Wait” has already been recognized for its groundbreaking work. The series has garnered a total of two Emmy® nominations and won one Emmy® Award, plus it has won 13 other prestigious Platinum and Gold awards. 


Thirteen episodes of “Date While you Wait” are now available across multiple networks and streaming platforms. 


If you would like to do a story on Thomas C. Knox and the series, please contact us at


For more information and distribution inquiries, please visit or send an email to


About David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc.: David Harris Katz Entertainment is an Emmy award-winning company with dozens of other awards to their credit. Executive Producer David Harris Katz has worked for NBC, CBS, ABC, King World, Tribune, Telepictures, Cablevision, and more. One of David's recent projects is an award-winning 13-episode series called “Wow, I Never Knew That!” It is currently seen worldwide in English and Spanish on networks, local stations, and streaming platforms. For more, please visit

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